Tlook and lifestyle. A person who is an adult when marfan syndrome is diagnosed may feel angry or afraid. There may also be concerns about passing the disorder to future generations or about its physical, emotional, and financial implications. The parents and siblings of a child diagnosed with marfan syndrome may feel sadness, anger, and guilt. It is important for parents to know that nothing that they did caused the fibrillin gene to mutate muâ·tate â  intr. & tr. generic viagra online V. Muâ·tatâ·ed, muâ·tatâ·ing, muâ·tates to undergo or cause to undergo mutation. buy generic viagra [latin m. is viagra safe for recreational use Parents may be concerned about the genetic implications for siblings or have questions about the risk to future children. other pills that work like viagra Some children with marfan syndrome are advised to restrict their activities. This may require a lifestyle adjustment that may be hard for a child to understand or accept. For both children and adults, appropriate medical care, accurate information, and social support are key to living with the disease. over the counter viagra joke Genetic counseling may also be helpful in understanding the disease and its potential impact on future generations. What is the outlook for a person with marfan syndrome? While marfan syndrome is a lifelong disorder, the outlook has improved in recent years. over the counter viagra joke Early diagnosis and advances in medical technology have improved the quality of life for people with marfan syndrome and lengthened their lifespan. viagra or viagra harder In addition, early identification of risk factors (such as aortic dilation) allows doctors to intervene and prevent or delay complications. cialis and viagra generic Advances being made by researchers provide hope for the future. With early diagnosis and appropriate management, the life expectancy for someone with marfan syndrome is similar to that of the average person. What research is being conducted to help people with marfan syndrome? over the counter viagra joke Scientists are approaching research on marfan syndrome from a variety of perspectives. One approach is to better understand what happens once the genetic defect or mutation occurs. online to buy viagra or cialis How does it change the way connective tissue develops and functions in the body?. buy viagra canada